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The ZooGrab platform is committed to working with your business to create profitable promotions while providing a unique customer experiences that builds brand loyalty. ZooGrab takes away the “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” marketing and provides a long term solution.

No Cost Comparison


Meet with us today for a No Cost marketing comparison to feature your business. Auction Winners are guaranteed customers and the Auction Players become your followers. ZooGrab offers a sustainable marketing solution for your business.

Customized Promotions


Together we will build promotions that work for your business. Working with you on the areas in which your business would like to grow. ZooGrab goal is to engage your customers, and create promotions that keep them coming back for more.

Merchant Center


Gain valuable customer insights, track the success of your promotions, and know your customers before the walk in the door. the ZooGrab Merchant Center, offers comprehensive consumer tracking tools.

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